Friday, January 7, 2011

Season 15 Just Around the Corner

Greensboro fans, its almost that time of year again. Just 8 weeks before season 15 kicks off in West Virginia against Gaming West Virginia. But before that, the FC Greensboro coaching staff and GM have many tough decisions to make. The free agent market is slim at best this year according to many scouts, and several of the most saught after players are former Vipers, such as former Vipers keeper Janiel Veldon, who spent the last 4 years between the Vipers crossbars. The club needs to fill the hole left by Veldon's absense, and are looking to re-negotiate a new contract with Veldon, as well as some other options. Another former Viper who is currently unemployed is skilled midfielder Shawn Deacons. The 27 year old American spent the last 4 years maning the Viper midfield, after being picked up for a bargain in the free agent market. Deacons and Veldon now both seek more money then their previous contracts, and have already recieved multiple offers from teams other than the Vipers. In other pre-season news, Greensboro FC management turned down multiple transfer offers for star defender Aaronjames "AJ" Sequeba. The 21 year old is one of the most talented defenders in the world, and the sky is the limit for this strong American who notched 9 and 10 goals in the last 2 seasons. Greensboro has improved in the table standing each of its first 3 years as a orginization, and looks to continue this trend in season 15. The Vipers finished Season 14 ranked 7th in the table standings, a 2 spot jump from season 13's 9th place finish. When asked about the prospects of finishing 6th or better, Head Manager Fields stated that the team would have to come up big in free agent signings, train hard, play with confidence, and of course have a few good breaks. If these things happen it could be an entertaining season to be a Viper fan.

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