Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Vipers solidify defense

After the season 20 transfer period came and went with not a single signing Greensboro fans started to question owner Chris Fields committment and thriftyness.
Those questions were quickly answered.
Greensboro cemented its weakest area just a few weeks into the season with two key signings.
Defenders Rogelio Paez and Matias Tevez were signed by the Vipers to five year contracts.
Paez, one of the most saught after defenders in the league, signed for a modest $612,000 per season. The former Galway FC defender and Argentinian adds immense star power and talent to the defense.
Tevez, also Argentinian, aso signed a bargain deal of $253,000 per season. Tevez was also a saught after defender who formerly played for Galway, as well as a short stint for the Lexington Lions.
These two deals have Greensboro fans going from booing to ooing.
The Vipers D has gone from being maybe its weakest unit to being undeniably its strongest.
Opposing teams face an uphill battle when attacking the Viper's back line this season.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Greensboro Edges Wilmington

A crowd of 43,176, one of the largest in Greensboro history, watched the Vipers take down Wilmington Storm FC 1-0 in the 2nd of 2 exhibiton matches between the clubs.
Match facts can be found here.
The two in-state rivals have played exhibitions multiple times, and even though they occupy different leagues, are two of the most talented teams in the state.
Farrell O'Reagan netted what proved to be the game winner for the Vipers in the 27th minute.
"I got a good cross my way and put a head to it," said O'Reagan.
The ball found the top corner of the goal, beating Wilmington keeper Blaze Aames.
The game was closely contested the whole way, but niether team could capitalize on opportunities, and both sterling defences were stout.
The two teams plan to schedule more exhibitons, and have mentioned including other prestigious North Carolina based clubs in a North Carolina Champions League of sorts.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Season 19 Wrap Up, Making Up For Lost Time

So, theres a lot to catch up on.
Season 17 is over.
And by the way, so is season 18 and 19.
To give a crash course, Greensboro finished 3rd in season 17, with a total of 92 points and a 29-5-4 record. The Lexington Lions won the league championship with 103 points.
Greensboro's 3rd place finish is the highest in team history. They also notched their highest goal differential ever, outscoring opponents by 94 goals.
The Vipers took a step back in season 18. Greensboro finished in 6th overall with a 25-5-8 record. The team clearly did not perform up to expectations.
Going into season 19 with signicantly less hype than the previous year, the Vipers felt less pressure and played more freely. Throughout an up and down season the team was near the top of the table, and owned an impressive goal differential throughout the year. Even though the team once again finished 6th in the table, it is clear that the Vipers inproved drastically from the previous year. The final goal differential talley had Greensboro outscoring opponents by a margin of 134, the largest in team history, and 2nd in the league for the season. Greensboro also netted over 170 goals, by far the most in team history, as well as 2nd in the league. The offense was not the only reason Greensboro was so succesfull. The Viper's defense was a stingy group who allowed the 2nd lowest amount of goals against in team history.
After season 19 several Greensboro veterans parted ways with the team.
Long time goalkeeper Janiel Veldon retired after spending 9 seasons with the team. He retires, at 34, as the teams all time leader in clean sheets and saves.
Starting midfielder Thomas Quilligan also left the team, after failing to agree to a new contract with the team. Quilligan, 29, spent 9 seasons with Greensboro. Quilligan stated that he wanted to test the free agent market in order to get a better contract. Qulligan was amongst the highest scoring midfielders in the league, and leaves the Vipers as the teams all time leading scorer from the midfield.
Going into season 20 there are several key storylines for the Vipers.
The biggest amongst these storylines may be the teams lack of aggression in the transfer period. The team did not sign any new free agents, nor did they sign any transfers. This dissapointed many fans, who for the first time accused owner Chris Fields of being cheap. The team stated that they went after many top notch free agent players, but simply could not come to terms with any headline players. Replacing Thomas Quilligan could prove to be a challenege for the team. Manuelle Rochi takes his place in the midfield.
Season 20 starts in 2 days with a 11:00 PM home game against BUTTERface FC.
Greensboro will hold a ceremony pregame to retire former keeper Janiel Veldon's number.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Top 2 face off in Lexington

Top ranked side Lexington Lions and your 2nd ranked Greensboro Vipers faced off sunday night in Lexington with the Table lead on the line.
45,000 fans packed Lexington's stadium, the largest crowd for any game this season.
Lexington's Diego Bernardi struck first in the 32nd minute with a fine header off of a cross.
Just 3 minutes later Greensboro won a corner, and Jason Callinan found the head of Grosso Luca for the equalizer.
For the next 50 minutes, the two squads battled for chances, each having several opportunities, but niether being able to capitalize.
In the 82nd minute Lexington's Garvin Spillane earned himself a 2nd yellow card of the match, and was sent off. Things seemed to be heading Greensboro's way. It was only 2 minutes later that Lexington's Vincinte Civale sent a rocketing shot past Greensboro keeper Janiel Veldon for the 2-1 Lexington lead.
Greensboro put together several attempts to answer, but they could never materialze an attack.
Even though Greensboro finished with more opportunities as well as shots on goal, they fell 2-1.
The loss did not drop Greensboro a spot in the standings, and was their first of the year.
Lexington remains unbeatan and untied.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Record Crowd Watches Vipers Tie Chelsea

40,462 Fans filled the seats of Greensboro FC Stadium to watch the 5-0-0 Vipers play the 3-0-2 Chelsea side to a 3-3 draw.
Even though the result was slightly disapointing, the night is significant and symbolic for the Greensboro Franchise. Just 5 seasons ago the team broke into the league, and now it is clear that the Vipers are a force in the USA league, and will be for the years to come.
Greensboro visits Black M.O.B. tomorrow, then come back to Greensboro for a 3 game homestand. Greensboro has a great chance to be 9-1-0 after the next 4 games.
Owner Chris Fields to the fans "Your support has always been top notch, and your effort tonight was no different. We hope to see all of you and 6,000 more of your closest Vipers friends in 2 days when we return home."

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Vipers Slay Dragons

For the first time in club history, the Greensboro FC Vipers have beaten league juggernaut Dallas Dragons.
The 3-2 favorable result came on the road, making it even more groundbreaking. 35,000 Dragons faitful filled Dragon Stadium, and about 1,000 loyal Vipers made the trip to root on Jason Callinan, Aaronjames Sequeba and Co.
First year Viper Monita Quaqliarella scored Greensboro's first goal, in the 24th minute, to answer the Dragon's early 10th minute goal. After a 54th minute Dragon's goal to take the lead 2-1, Dragon's midfielder Charles Dunkin picked up a red card on a vicious aireal challenge. Dunkin went over the back of Quagliarella while challenging him for a header, and caught him in the side of the head with a swinging elbow. Quagliarella was slightly blodied, but was not seriously hurt. After the Dragons dropped to 10 men longtime Viper defender Kewon Carvaja equalized the game in the 76th minute, and star defender Aaronjames Sequeba put the game winner in the back of the net on a diving header during the 81st minute.
The win puts Greensboro at 4-0-0 on the season, one of only 2 teams with 12 of 12 possible points. Greensboro visits FCNT on Saturday.

Friday, April 29, 2011

2 New Faces Join Greensboro

Just 3 weeks from the start of the new season, Greensboro has added 2 new players, bringing their offseason total to 4.

Monita Quagliarella, a 32 year old Italian Midfielder was added to Greensboro's roster by way of transfer. Greensboro and Galway FC management reached an agreement to send Quagliarella to Greensboro for a fee of $131,000. The veteran 5'10 middie then agreed to terms on a 5 year contract worth $305,000 a year. In total, Greensboro will pay Quagliarella $1,530,000. Although Quagliarella's new deal pays him a career high, he has always been viewed as underpaid, and his new contract is consistant with that assumption. Similiar players make up to $1,000,000 per year. Quagliarella had spent the first 11 years of his pro career with Galway FC, a succesful Irish team that is consistantly in the top 5, and has won 1 Irish Championship. In his first 7 years, Quagliarella was a fill-in starter, who played 20-28 games each season, but never more than 30.  Over the last 4 years, Quagliarella has seen increased playing time, and has responded by netting double digit goal totals each year, including a career high 18 scores just last season. Quagliarella expects to replace the hole in the Greensboro midfield that Porter Stookey and Manuelle Rochi previously filled. Quagliarella was introduced in a press conference friday and had great things to say "I enjoyed my time with Galway, and had great friends and teammates there. Some people view me coming to Greensboro as a last horrah. However I dont feel like this is the end of the line for me. I signed a 5 year contract and I inted to play the length of that contract and longer. My legs feel great, I have tons of energy, and I am at a great place in my career. I think I can help Greensboro in their climb up the league table."

Colten Quaranta is the 4th player added to the Greensboro roster this offseason. Quarant is a 18 year old prospect from nearby Raleigh, NC. He had signed to play collegiant soccer at UNC-Chapel Hill, but after pro teams came calling, decided to turn pro. On Wednesday, Quaranta signed his first professional contract with Greensboro. The deal is worth $51,000 a year for Quaranta, including a $5,000 bonus. Quaranta agreed to play with the club for the next 5 seasons. In total, Greensboro will owe Quaranta $260,000. Greensboro coach Chris Fields noted that "Quaranta is extremely young, but we see great potential in him, as shown by our 5 year commitment to him." The Raleigh native is a defensive minded midfielder, who will see limited playing time behind an experienced midfield core in his initial seasons.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Offseason Additions

5 weeks prior to the start of season 17, Greensboro FC has made 2 signings.

Farrell O'Regan, a 29 year old Striker out of Ireland, inked a 5 year deal worth $300,000 a season. Including a small bonus, Greensboro will pay a total of $1,505,000 over the next 5 seasons. Irish FC, 3 time winner of the Irish League, previously enjoyed the services of O'Regan. Even though O'Regan's first professional contract was with Italian side AS Venom, O'Regan moved to Irish FC after 1 year with Venom and remained with Irish FC for the last 8 years. "I enjoyed playing in my home country for a great side, and will miss all of my Irish FC lads greatly", stated O'Regan. The 6'1 Striker enjoyed a great deal of success on the pitch while playing for Irish FC. He scored over 30 goals 4 times, including a career high 36 in season 13. In his other 4 seasons he was no slouch. He netted 11 in his first season, only playing in 18 games, netted 19 in 2 other campaigns, and then added 23 last season for a career total of  203 career goals, 201 for Irish. "All great things must come to an end, and playing with Irish FC was certainly great, but I am looking forward to even more success while playing for Greensboro".

Matteo Geovinco, a 20 year old Italian Defender is the second signing of Greensboro's offseason. Greensboro management was able to succesfully negotiate with Old Boys FC to apprehend the services of Geovinco. Old Boys recieved a small transfer fee of $21,000 from Greensboro, and Greensboro also agreed to pay Geovinco $60,000 a year over a 5 year contract. Geovinco only played 2 years for Old Boys, for which he signed his first professional contract. The prospect defender appeared in 24 games his first year, and 12 his second due to Old Boys upgrading their defence. Even though he has only netted 1 career goal, Geovinco is a skilled player who can occasionally play in the midfield, and is a dangerous player in the opposing team's box because of his towering 6'5 frame. "I am greatful to Greensboro for showing faith in my development as a player, and happy that they felt the need to negotiate a transfer for my services. I look forward to helping this club improve its results and become a power in the USA League."

Monday, April 18, 2011

Season 16 Over

After a 3-1 Win over the Minnesota Torpedos, Greensboro FC finished up season 16 in 7th place in the USA League. Greensboro's overall record was 24-4-10. You can find overall stats and game box scores here. Even though Greensboro finished the season in the same place in the league table as last year, there are several notable improvements and signs that the club is ready to make the next step. Greensboro set team records in Wins, Points, Goal Differential, Goals For, and Least Goals Allowed. The Vipers should have 10 of 11 starters returning next season, everyone except 35 year old Striker Riccardo Budel. In terms of other notables for the season, Greensboro finished 8th in average attendance, with just over 32000 Viper faithfull attending each match, including a crowd of over 37000 for the Vipers home match against Chelsea USA. Free agent signee Jason Calinan led the team in goals, with 23, his first 20+ goal scoring season. Veteran Striker Riccardo Budel added 21, and longtime Viper Juwan Sturgis put 15 in the back of the net. Midfielder Grossa Luca scored 12 times from his Left Mid position, a career high. Luca's oppositte midfielder Thomas Quilligan netted 11 goals. Star defender AaronJames Sequeba came forward to score 11 goals, also a career high. Sequeba has now scored at least 8 goals in his last 4 seasons. Forward Muhammed Wilmot came off the bench to score 10 goals on the season, making him the 7th double digit goalscorer on the season for the Vipers. Defensive midfielder River La Rosa led the team in Appearances as well as Minutes Played, with just over 3000. Janiel Veldon wrapped up another stellar season between the pipes for Greensboro, allowing a career low number of goals. After the game, Manager/GM/Owner Chris Fields and all the Greensboro players applauded the Greensboro Crowd, and went into the stands of the Snake Pit to celebrate the season with Greensboro most loyal and rowdy fans. It is clear that this season will be one to remember. In conclusion, let us remember Midfielder Porter Stookey, whose career was ended prematurally this season. Stookey emboided everything Greensboro FC has become known for, and his, as well as the rest of this years teams contributions will never be forgotten.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

kicked while down

In the 77th minute of Greensboro FC's March 20th game against FCNT Greensboro midfielder Porter Stookey's career came to an abrupt end. Stookey had the ball, made a move past FCNT defender Lamario Taylor, and was taken down by the beaten defender Taylor. As soon as the tackle was made, it was clear Stookey was never going to play football again. The medical team rushed to the field to stabalize Stookey's left leg, and try to calm the 29 year old middie. Stookey suffered a dislocated kneecap, tearing his ACL, PCL, and MCL, literally snapping his leg laterally. He was immediately taken to the hospital for surgery. Stookey had 33 goals in just over 4 years playing for Greensboro. Greensboro plans to retire his number 22 jersey, as well as honor him at tonights home game vs. Gaming West Virginia. In the words of Greensboro FC Owner/Coach/GM Chris Fields "Stookey was a a great player, and played a priceles roll in turning Greensboro FC from a small startup franchise into a top 8 team. More importantly, Stookey was a model citizen, and dedicated himself to making a difference in the community. It has been an honor to Coach him for the last 4 years. He will always be a part of Greensboro FC." Teammate Aaronjames Sequeba said "Stookey has been a role model and mentor to me for the last 4 years, and it has been an honor to share the pitch with him."

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spinker wrapup, NeTex pregame

Greensboro FC defeated The Jersey Shore Spinkers 6-2 on Saturday night. You can find the game stats and summary here. The loss was Jersey Shore's first of the season. Greensboro's victory puts the team at 6-2-2 so far for the season, good enough for 7th in the league table, 1 goal behind Chelsea USA in the goal differential category. Greensboro faces off with FC Northeast Texas sunday night at 11. FCNT is 7-0-3 on the season with a +24 goal differential. They have won their last 3 games, and 6 out of their last 7. Their efforts have gotten them to 5th place in the league table. High scoring strikers Keenan Tims and Dylon Saragosa lead the FCNT attack, with 11 and 9 goals so far this season respectively. The dynamic duo of FCNT will face off with the stingy Greensboro defensive crew that leads the league in fewest goals allowed, only giving up 8 so far this season. Tune in postgame for wrapup and analysis.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Greensboro beats Black M.O.B.

After a poor first half effort Coach Chris Fields lit into his team at halftime. The Vipers players came out of the locker room focused and motivated, and netted 5 unaswered goals in the 2nd half to beat the home Black M.O.B. squad. Ricardo Budel started off the 2nd half with a 46th minute diving header goal, and as the star striker said, it just snowballed from their. Jason Callinan put the 2nd Greensboro goal in during a 70th minute charge, and midfielder River La Rosa headed in the 3rd Greensboro goal of a cross in the 76th minute. After a quick change of possession, Budel recieved a cross and headed in the 4th Vipers goal, Budel's 2nd of the match. Muhammed Wilmot who got the start at forward in place of a tired Juwan Sturgis finished off the 2nd half goal scoring jamboree with an 86th minute header off of a corner piece. The win, Greensboro's 5th of the season, held Greensboro's spot in the league table at 3rd. The club now has an overall record of 5-1-1, and 4-0-0 on the road. Keeper Janiel Veldon only had to come up with 2 saves, and secured his 5th clean sheet of the season. Veldon and a strong Vipers Defense have combined to form a steal curtain of sorts, allowing only 3 goals so far in the season. The Vipers not only lead the league in fewest goals allowed, but the 2nd place team has allowed more than twice as many goals. Greensboro starts off a tough 4 game stretch tomorrow with Chelsea USA visting Greensboro FC Stadium for an 11pm kickoff.

Greensboro at Black M.O.B. Pregame

Greensboro FC kicks off against Black M.O.B. at Black M.O.B. stadium in just under 45 minutes. Greensboro stands tied for 3rd in the league with 13 points and a record of 4-1-1. Greensboro has been excellent on the road this season, with an undefeated 3-0-0 mark. 2 of those road wins are over carRAMROD FC and the Clay Cougars, solid teams to say the least. The home Black M.O.B. side stands at 1-3-2 in their first season participating in the league. Their most notable result was a home tie against a solid Jersey Shore Spinkers side in the first game of the season. Black M.O.B. is currently tied for 15th in the league, and owns a -9 goal differential. If Greensboro wants to avoid the same dissapointing result that the Jersey Shore Spinkers suffered, then the Greensboro Defense must focus on Bradley Mastroeni. Mastroeni, a 25 year old rookie striker, has 3 of his teams 4 goals on the season. If Greensboro's defenders lock down Mastroeni, and the midfield and forwards do what is expected of them, Greensboro should be in good shape to improve to 5-1-1 on the season and 4-0-0 on the road.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tough Loss to Dallas

Greensboro suffered a 2-1 loss to the Dallas Dragons late tuesday night, bringing their record to 4-1-1 overall for the season. Greensboro got outplayed fair and square coach Chris Fields stated. Dallas accumulated more opportunities and shots on goal than Greensboro did, and the consequence was a 2-1 loss. Jason Callinan scored the only goal for Greensboro, which occured in the 6th minute of the game when Callinan took on a few Dallas defenders and blasted one by Dallas keeper Tubrady Reidy. From that point on it was all Dallas. The Dragons netted their first goal in the 43rd minute, went to halftime, and came back out and put another past Janiel Veldon in the 46th minute. The loss drops Greensboro to 3rd in the league, and the Vipers face off against league newcomer Black M.O.B. on wednesday at 11.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Season 16 underway

Season 16 has kicked off in the USA Divison-1 World 67 Soccer league. Defending champion Minnesota Torpedos FC are off to a 3-0-1 start, and looking like a contender early. The Arizona Green Snakes are the only team to win all 4 of their first games, and hold the league lead by 2 points over the Dallas Dragons and Greensboro. Greensboro is off to a hot start, at 3-1-0, with 11 goals for and only 1 conceded. In their first 4 games the club took down notable sides carRAMROD FC and the Clay Cougars. In Greensboro's 1 draw, the Alpharetta Wolves played the Vipers to a 1-1 stalemate. Juwan Strugis and Thomas Quilligan are tied for the team lead in goals, with 3 apiece. Notable signee Jason Callinan is also off to a good start with 2 goals in his first 2 games with the Vipers. Keeper Janiel Veldon is also off to a hot start, only allowing 1 goal so far, by far the best in the league. Greensboro plays league newcomer the New York Kings tonight, then has a showdown with the Dallas Dragons on tuesday, who are tied for 2nd place with Greensboro.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First Big Win of the Season for Greensboro

Late Tuesday night Greensboro FC took down Clay Cougars FC 3-2 to go 3-0-1 in their first 4 games. Chris Fields, manager of the Vipers said "Cougars is always a tough game, and we are very happy with any points we get when we play them, especially on the road." The Cougars finished last season ranked 6th in the table standings, one spot and one point ahead of where Greensboro finished. Greensboro management has stated that they want to continue the trend of improving every season, and beating Cougars is a big step in the right direction. Greensboro United has another road date with league newcomer Real United FC tomorrow.

Cougars vs. Greensboro Game Recap

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Greensboro Adds 4 New Faces, and 1 Old One

Greensboro FC wrapped up the transfer period saturday with the addition of 5 players. Olindo Loria, a 21 year old Italian midfielder was one of the first to sign. The young middie adds depth to Greensboro's midfield rotation, and shows potential to be a future starter. Next, the Vipers added Valerio Langella, a versatile 20 year old Italian Forward/Midfielder. Langella will come off the bench at the forward spot, and could see increased playing time if Greensboro manager Chris Fields decides to go with the 4-3-3 approach rather than the 4-4-2 he has used the last 4 seasons. The third player added to Greensboro's roster was Jorge Masana, a 21 year old Argentinian defender. The 5 year deal worth 70,000 per season is Masana's first contract. Masana will also come off the bench for the near future, but like Langella and Loria, will be needed for depth and could see playing time in the future. Kealan Shields was the fourth player aquired by Greensboro. Shields, a 21 year old Irish middie, has already played for several seasons and is a seasoned veteran who can also play some forward. He notched 5 goals while playing in 37 games last season for American club Ball Bags FC. Lastly, Greensboro succssfully negotiated with longtime Viper Porter Stookey. Stookey, a 28 year old American midfielder, spent his last 3 seasons coming off the bench and making spot starts for the Vipers, and with the loss of middie Shawn Deacons, should see more playing time this season. Stookey's contract is for the next 4 seasons, and worth 325,000 per season. Along with keepers Veldon and Cherubin, the Vipers additions are 8 strong. Each addition will help the team in their own way this year and in future years, and will be valuable pieces to the Vipers puzzle.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Veldon resigns, Deacons stint as a Viper comes to an end

Early Saturday morning Greensboro FC officials announced that they had come to terms with long time keeper Janiel Veldon. Veldon had left the club to test free agency, but after considering all his options decided it would be best to return to Greensboro. Veldon spent the last 4 years between the Vipers crossbars, where he notched a club record in total career saves. Veldon did cash in considerably with his new contract, a deal totaling over 1.5 million all headed Veldon's way. Even though the price was steep, both Greensboro and Veldon are happy that the marriage could continue "I want to retire a Viper," Veldon stated.
The news about former Viper Shawn Deacons is not so good. The 27 year old middie is the newest member of another Vipers club, the FC Arizona Green Snakes. Deacons landed a 5 year deal paying him over a million per year, a considerable increase from his last contract with Greensboro, which only netted him 330,000 over 4 years. Greensboro officials had been in the free agent bidding war for Deacons, but decided the stakes had gone to high and backed off. In his 4 seasons at Greensboro Deacons notched 14 goals.

Cherubin to Greensboro

For now Greensboro FC has a new starting keeper, Paolo Cherubin. The 21 year old was transfered today from the Dallas Dragons to Greensboro FC for a fee of 43000 dollars. As of now Cherubin is Greensboro's starting keeper, but the Vipers have made it no secret that they are negotiating with longtime fan favorite and recent free agent Janiel Veldon. If Veldon re-joins Greensboro Cherubin will be back to 2nd string. This said, Cherubin is still an important addition, and will see solid playing time in the coming seasons.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Season 15 Just Around the Corner

Greensboro fans, its almost that time of year again. Just 8 weeks before season 15 kicks off in West Virginia against Gaming West Virginia. But before that, the FC Greensboro coaching staff and GM have many tough decisions to make. The free agent market is slim at best this year according to many scouts, and several of the most saught after players are former Vipers, such as former Vipers keeper Janiel Veldon, who spent the last 4 years between the Vipers crossbars. The club needs to fill the hole left by Veldon's absense, and are looking to re-negotiate a new contract with Veldon, as well as some other options. Another former Viper who is currently unemployed is skilled midfielder Shawn Deacons. The 27 year old American spent the last 4 years maning the Viper midfield, after being picked up for a bargain in the free agent market. Deacons and Veldon now both seek more money then their previous contracts, and have already recieved multiple offers from teams other than the Vipers. In other pre-season news, Greensboro FC management turned down multiple transfer offers for star defender Aaronjames "AJ" Sequeba. The 21 year old is one of the most talented defenders in the world, and the sky is the limit for this strong American who notched 9 and 10 goals in the last 2 seasons. Greensboro has improved in the table standing each of its first 3 years as a orginization, and looks to continue this trend in season 15. The Vipers finished Season 14 ranked 7th in the table standings, a 2 spot jump from season 13's 9th place finish. When asked about the prospects of finishing 6th or better, Head Manager Fields stated that the team would have to come up big in free agent signings, train hard, play with confidence, and of course have a few good breaks. If these things happen it could be an entertaining season to be a Viper fan.

Greensboro FC News kicks off

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