Sunday, July 14, 2013

Transfer Period Targets - Forwards

The season 32 pre-season transfer period is underway and with only 14 players on the roster and over $11 million in the bank, the Vipers are prime candidates to make a few moves.
Looking at the Vipers roster, their biggest need is clearly at the forward position. Both depth and talent are needed. Benjamin Kevin has one spot locked down, but Braulio Ghinassi is 21 and with three seasons under his belt has yet to show enough progress to impress Greensboro management.
In addition, Greensboro is in dire need of some depth to back up the two aforementioned returnees.
With a need for both talent and depth, Greensboro is targeting several talented veterans as well as young amateurs.
The biggest of those targets: Fabio Minelli.
The 30 year old Brazilian is one of the top forwards in the world and is hitting the free agent market after two years with the Minnesota Torpedoes in which he earned over $2 million per year. Prior to his time in Minnesota, Minelli spent nine seasons with now defunct American club Chelsea. He scored over 30 goals four times for the blues. To obtain Minelli, clubs are going to need to bid well into the $1.5 million range, and while Greensboro has excess cash, a move like that is typically made to win championships, not move from 7th to 5th in the league table. With that being said, I don't expect Greensboro to be a serious player for Minelli. Look for a club trying to make the final push for a ring to land Minelli.
With Minelli seemingly out of the picture, Greensboro will likely focus on several younger prospects. One name might sound familiar: Gregorio Capitan, a now 22 year old Argentinian who played for Greensboro back in season 28. In that, his rookie season, Capitan played 35 games but only netted 10 goals, and was promptly let go. After three years with FCDD, Capitan has re-emerged as a Greensboro target.
In addition to Capitan, we have confirmed that the Vipers are targeting 18 year old amateur Ethan Gilpin,a 5'8" Irish youngster who shows promise and skill on the ball. Gilpin woud require more development than Capitan, but also shows more long term potential. If Gilpin is accquired, Greensboro management would likely need to make a decision between Ghinassi or Gilpin in the starting 11, but with such little depth, both would likely see ample minutes. One current Viper who is doing his part to bring in Gilpin is fellow Irish striker Benjamin Kevin. "I've phoned the young lad and told him how giddy we'd be to have him playing his professional footy across the pond," said Kevin.
These three targets seem to be at the top of Greensboro's board. With such a need at the position, Greensboro will likely devote serious funds towards filling this need. Unfortunately for the Vipers, there is a serious lack of strikers on the market, and high demand throughout the world. If the Vipers are unable to land one of these targets, don't be surprised if management turns to another familiar face: Xavier Maronna.

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