Friday, April 29, 2011

2 New Faces Join Greensboro

Just 3 weeks from the start of the new season, Greensboro has added 2 new players, bringing their offseason total to 4.

Monita Quagliarella, a 32 year old Italian Midfielder was added to Greensboro's roster by way of transfer. Greensboro and Galway FC management reached an agreement to send Quagliarella to Greensboro for a fee of $131,000. The veteran 5'10 middie then agreed to terms on a 5 year contract worth $305,000 a year. In total, Greensboro will pay Quagliarella $1,530,000. Although Quagliarella's new deal pays him a career high, he has always been viewed as underpaid, and his new contract is consistant with that assumption. Similiar players make up to $1,000,000 per year. Quagliarella had spent the first 11 years of his pro career with Galway FC, a succesful Irish team that is consistantly in the top 5, and has won 1 Irish Championship. In his first 7 years, Quagliarella was a fill-in starter, who played 20-28 games each season, but never more than 30.  Over the last 4 years, Quagliarella has seen increased playing time, and has responded by netting double digit goal totals each year, including a career high 18 scores just last season. Quagliarella expects to replace the hole in the Greensboro midfield that Porter Stookey and Manuelle Rochi previously filled. Quagliarella was introduced in a press conference friday and had great things to say "I enjoyed my time with Galway, and had great friends and teammates there. Some people view me coming to Greensboro as a last horrah. However I dont feel like this is the end of the line for me. I signed a 5 year contract and I inted to play the length of that contract and longer. My legs feel great, I have tons of energy, and I am at a great place in my career. I think I can help Greensboro in their climb up the league table."

Colten Quaranta is the 4th player added to the Greensboro roster this offseason. Quarant is a 18 year old prospect from nearby Raleigh, NC. He had signed to play collegiant soccer at UNC-Chapel Hill, but after pro teams came calling, decided to turn pro. On Wednesday, Quaranta signed his first professional contract with Greensboro. The deal is worth $51,000 a year for Quaranta, including a $5,000 bonus. Quaranta agreed to play with the club for the next 5 seasons. In total, Greensboro will owe Quaranta $260,000. Greensboro coach Chris Fields noted that "Quaranta is extremely young, but we see great potential in him, as shown by our 5 year commitment to him." The Raleigh native is a defensive minded midfielder, who will see limited playing time behind an experienced midfield core in his initial seasons.

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