Monday, April 18, 2011

Season 16 Over

After a 3-1 Win over the Minnesota Torpedos, Greensboro FC finished up season 16 in 7th place in the USA League. Greensboro's overall record was 24-4-10. You can find overall stats and game box scores here. Even though Greensboro finished the season in the same place in the league table as last year, there are several notable improvements and signs that the club is ready to make the next step. Greensboro set team records in Wins, Points, Goal Differential, Goals For, and Least Goals Allowed. The Vipers should have 10 of 11 starters returning next season, everyone except 35 year old Striker Riccardo Budel. In terms of other notables for the season, Greensboro finished 8th in average attendance, with just over 32000 Viper faithfull attending each match, including a crowd of over 37000 for the Vipers home match against Chelsea USA. Free agent signee Jason Calinan led the team in goals, with 23, his first 20+ goal scoring season. Veteran Striker Riccardo Budel added 21, and longtime Viper Juwan Sturgis put 15 in the back of the net. Midfielder Grossa Luca scored 12 times from his Left Mid position, a career high. Luca's oppositte midfielder Thomas Quilligan netted 11 goals. Star defender AaronJames Sequeba came forward to score 11 goals, also a career high. Sequeba has now scored at least 8 goals in his last 4 seasons. Forward Muhammed Wilmot came off the bench to score 10 goals on the season, making him the 7th double digit goalscorer on the season for the Vipers. Defensive midfielder River La Rosa led the team in Appearances as well as Minutes Played, with just over 3000. Janiel Veldon wrapped up another stellar season between the pipes for Greensboro, allowing a career low number of goals. After the game, Manager/GM/Owner Chris Fields and all the Greensboro players applauded the Greensboro Crowd, and went into the stands of the Snake Pit to celebrate the season with Greensboro most loyal and rowdy fans. It is clear that this season will be one to remember. In conclusion, let us remember Midfielder Porter Stookey, whose career was ended prematurally this season. Stookey emboided everything Greensboro FC has become known for, and his, as well as the rest of this years teams contributions will never be forgotten.

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